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Harbor Freight Automatic Vent Opener

We installed a Harbor Freight Automatic Vent Opener in November. In Texas, November is warm enough that the vent needed to open in the afternoon. Now we are having an unusually cool December. We have turned the knob adjustment as far counter clockwise as it will go without falling out. If there is any sunshine at all, the vent is still opening when it may only be 40* outside. I would prefer heat to build up so that the heater didn't have to run so much at night.. Have any of you figured out an easy way to disable the opener without taking it apart? My DH is suggesting he might drill out the pin and replace it with a cotter pin. Has anyone tried this? In central Texas, we really can't take the opener apart for the winter and put it back together in the spring. We may be cloudy and 40 one day and two days later be 75 with bright sun. Any experience with this problem?


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